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Posted on 01. Mar, 2017 by Tim Bushong in News

Poisoned By Ares is heavy, heavy, and heavy…

This was an interesting project for a couple of reasons—first, they recorded 7 songs in March of 2015 before they had decided upon a lead singer for the band. Then they came back in April of 2016 and recorded 3 new songs—but with an entirely different drummer!

Anytime you have different sessions and different musicians, but are aiming towards one cohesive end product (a full-length CD) there will always be a few sonic hurdles to leap over.


Gear lust...

Dave Roberts has been recording here for a long while, and is simply one of the hardest working bassists I know. Along with Jon Tudor on guitar, Dan Zimmerman on vocals, and _______ (who’s on drums again?), he’s got quite a metal troupe put together.

Dave Roberts as...Dave Roberts

Recording notes: I used 2 different Valhalla VintageVerbs (one very small room, and one with a smooth plate setting of about 3 ms. Decay), the usual varied Voxengo Voxformer channel strips (hey look at me: I’m alliterating with V’s!), and this chain on the heavy guitar buss:

The Waves C4 is only lightly compressing around 110-180hz

Between Jon’s ENGL amp and his EVH head, the guitar tones we got were thick and chewy, even with the band’s fairly radical ‘drop’ tunings.


Direct from Germany

But in the end, with metal it’s all about the riffs—and they’re killer.

Dan listening...

My personal favorite? I’m torn—always a sucker for a 130 bpm pounder like “Light It Up,” but the pushy groove of “Control” is cool as well…

I'm hurdling sonic obstacles...



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