BTF EP Packs Punch

Posted on 12. Oct, 2017 by Tim Bushong in News

BTF- Across An Ocean Sample

In July of 2016 I had the privilege of recording a new version of some old friends. A band called “Before The Fall” (which name of course is just packed full of all kinds of philosophical and theological nuance…but I digress…) came down all the way from South Bend to record a 4-song EP.

Before The Fall” (or BTF from now on) is comprised of Casey Packer on vocals, Joe Northern on guitar, Osvaldo Limon on bass, and Justin Sellers on drums.

Now, I’ve worked with 3 out of these 4 guys for years now, in various different bands, and it’s always so gratifying to have your clients return to the scene of the crime, er, I mean, give you their repeat business. And to have them tell their friends is priceless. In fact, most of the Michiana area folks I record have heard about TBush via word-of-mouth.

And even though this most recent phase of technological innovation is allowing more and more people to record themselves (anyone remember the great ADAT/Mackie revolution of the mid-90′s?)

It usually ends up being more economical in the long-run to let an experienced producer/engineer work alongside a group of musicians, and end up sounding better than you originally hoped for. Of course this is no mere attempt at self-aggrandizement on my part—I had the exact same experience working with such talented guys as the Elefante brothers and JR McNeely.

Both the “Lovewar” and “The Channelsurfers” projects were much improved by combining that which the band brought to the table with the oversight of the producers and engineers. Not only the recorded tones, either: song arrangements, layered overdub suggestions, and that certain extra 10% that we all strive to get out of whoever we’re working with—it all adds up in the end.

Standard plug-ins I use all the time

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