What others have said about TBush Recording:

Review of Bride’s “Tsar Bomba”

Bride- Last Thing


Whatzup Magazine- The Great Flood Catastrophe’s Godspeed, Godspeed

“These crazy kids these days, foolishly learning to play real instruments instead of spending that time trying to unlock the hidden “Buckethead” character in Band Hero IV. What’s worse is that some of these kids exercise their creativity by composing and recording original songs. Or if your dad happens to be T Bush, one of the area’s premier recording engineers, with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal home recordists, then perhaps this isn’t such a silly endeavor after all.

Their music is an amazing wash of fuzzy guitar tones akin to The Church or The Choir, drums that pop out of the speakers and an upbeat, positive feel. I’m not hearing the “progressive” element they tout, but the compositions are certainly more sophisticated and adventurous than your average indie rock song. For instance, “Rainbow Face” pits aggressive guitars against bright melodies, filling the cracks with flanged piano and ending with an inventive instrumental passage.”

The Great Flood Catastrophe- Rainbow Face



That They May Know You by Haste the Day


The band self-produced this album in 2002, prior to being signed to Solid State Records. Haste the Day tracked the EP in the summer of 2002 with Tim Bushong in Syracuse, IN. He had done albums for Anah Aevia, Bestiary, Bloodlined Calligraphy among others.”

Haste the Day- Substance

Grave Robber- You’re All Gonna Die

Pure Grain Audio Review

Whatzup Review

Indie Vision Music Review

HM Magazine Review

The Metal Resource

White Throne Review

You’re All Gonna Die! has taken the Grave Robber zombie’s to another level as far as songwriting and production goes. The guitars sound crisp and punchy, the strong rhythm section is tighter than a body bag, and the vocals are even stronger…”

Grave Robber- Invisible Man

Grave Robber- Inner Sanctum

Down the Line Review


Grave Robber- Children of the Grave


Whatzup- Corporate Circus There’s No Place Like Home

(For “There’s No Place Like Home”, by Corporate Circus) ”I should have guessed that this album was recorded by Tim Bushong of T.Bush Recording, the local master of capturing a band’s combustible energy. The guitar sounds are deadly and everything is amazingly well recorded and mixed… my hat, and toupee, are off to Mr. Bushong. These 45 minutes of screaming, energetic, melodic punk can be found at Karma Records, Wooden Nickel Music Stores, and Sam Goody.”

Corporate Circus- Disturbed

Interview with London Calling in HM magazine

Q. How did Tim Bushong become producer and what else were his roles in this project?

A. “He’s our friend from “back in the day.” Tim is a very talented man! He makes recordings of bands that sound big budget..but are very cost effective. It’s not about the gear with Tim necessarily..it’s about knowledge and personal attention to what he records…I cannot recommend Tim enough, especially to the young bands who wanna make music but aren’t loaded with cash! He is a great man of God as well. I value his input and friendship.”

London Calling- New Sensation

The Great American Rock & Roll Spectacle

By Nineteen88

“A supersonic 80′s rock parody with a Gospel message…this is good loud fun that’s safe for the whole family…just watch out with those air guitars in the living room! This record is a humorous yet in-your-face trip down Rock & Roll memory lane that features a creative collaboration between veteran Christian rockers Mick Rowe (Tempest, Mindset7), his brother Jamie Rowe (Guardian, London Calling) and Tim Bushong (Lovewar, Channelsurfers). Sonically, think AC/DC Meets Wrestling meets NASCAR in a G-rated smash pileup of hard rock thunder! All the rock swagger without the sin calories! This record is a must-have for any fan of 80′s metal.”

!988- Rock All Day

(That’s yours truly on drums and playing the guitar solo…)

Whatzup – Downbreed Review

“As with their past work, Downbreed chose to work with Tim Bushong, who, in my book, is the man for hard rock and metal bands. Under his attentive ears, this dynamic, well-crafted collection of crushing songs are indiscernible from anything produced by a California studio. This is not to discount the band because not only are the songs surprisingly melodic and listenable (even for a semi-geezer like me) but each musician has an amazing degree of expertise, able to coax more than just the typical metal grinding from their instruments.”

Downbreed- Hate Train

JesusFreakHideout.com Review of Mick Rowe’s Summertime

“The themes on Summertime range from praise and worship (“Please Save Me”, “Control”) to love and relationships (“Be With You”, “Long Red Hair”), keeping it fresh and varied. The production is quality, co-produced by Rowe himself and former Lovewar / Channel Surfers member Tim Bushong. “Illuminate” is one of the strongest cuts on the record, with Mick pushing the range of his vocals in a way that would surely make his little brother proud. While Mick has tried his hand at metal and even gothic rock in the past, this classic modern rock approach works nicely.”

Mick Rowe- By Your Side

Whatzup – Endangered Species by The Migraines

“This is paired with the pop flavorings of classic punk and modern production (compliments of T Bush Studios) to make an album with the crushing energy of a runaway semi full of canned meat.”

Mmmm….canned meat!

Migraines- Magnascope

Whatzup – For Reasons Unknown by Sirface

“Seething with thick guitars and soaring melodies, For Reasons Unknown will surely satiate your appetite for nu-metal. You can tell the band took their time with this project, wisely venturing into the studios of Tim Bushong who seems to specialize and excel in producing heavier rock. As you might expect from T-Bush Recording, the recording and production quality easily stands among major label releases of this genre. Enjoy this energetic, invigorating release and feel free to rip, fold, spindle and mutilate.”

Sirface- Unsheltered

Whatzup Review of Summertime Blues Band’s Picture Perfect

“Finding greater comfort in the studio of T. Bush Recording, the band spreads its wings by trying out a few new sounds with additional instruments and styles. This is immediately evident in the title track where organs (Larry DeVincent), sax (Andy Kopis) and rich vocal harmonies in the chorus enhance the tight blues sound. With three lead vocalists in the band there is an amazing variety of styles to please the ear. In addition, guitarist Bill Kolter and bassist Ted Carter trade instruments, as they do on “Walkin’ The Dog”, adding yet another level of depth to their sound with Carter laying down one of many scorching guitar solos found on this offering.”

Summertime Blues Band- My Drink is on its Way


Review of Bestiary’s The Murder Wheel

“This little known band from MI brought the house down in its day. Anyone who has heard this knows what a gem it is. Brutal death style mixed with crushing breakdowns, powerful melody, and lightning fast riffing. Not to be missed.” Amazon customer~

Bestiary- Burn

Production-wise, there is not much to complain about.  The band has put out a nice recording.”

I guess that’s a compliment!

Whatzup Review of Buttonhead’s Number Two

“The boys in “Buttonhead” are back with their second album, the aptly descriptive Number Two. This time around they made the trek to Syracuse and Tim Bushong’s TBush Recording in order to capture their essence of clean power pop with new-school punk overtones. The result is superb. The drums and bass are solid, the guitars shimmer with just the right amount of distortion…”

Buttonhead- Addicted

From the band “Ettison Clio”


“I am extremely happy to inform everyone that our recording session at the T.Bush Recording in Syracuse, Indiana was a huge success. We recorded, mixed, and mastered seven songs in total. The sound quality on this e.p. is about 500 times better than our previous demo, Tim Bushong (the sound engineer) needs to go by “Houdini”, we are extremely proud of his work with our music. We are hoping for a mid-august release.”

Ettison Clio- On The Inside


Mike Conley & Friends

“It’s a Conley Christmas”

(From the Whatzup review)

“The title of Mike Conley’s second album gets right to the heart of the matter: It’s a Conley Christmas. It certainly is, folks. I invite you to throw this in your CD player, sit back with your loved ones and some hot chocolate or an eggnog and surrender to the sounds of this guy’s season. Or this seasoned guy. I think you know what I’m talking about, but lest I err on the side of unclear, here’s a little preview of your family’s new favorite Christmas album.”

Mike Conley- We Three Kings

My Little Secret

Mike Conley

(From the Whatzup review)

Somehow Conley found time to record his first collection of original songs, My Little Secret. As he is known primarily as a solo artist, Conley wanted to make sure that this side was well represented on the album, and a number of the tracks include just a man and his guitar (and sometimes a violin or saxophone). But some of his songs begged to be fleshed out, and for this he turned to Tim Bushong who ended up engineering and co-producing the project as well as providing electric guitar and trombone. At T-Bush Recording they brought in some of the area’s finest players: Bryan Bankson (Rosemary Gates) on bass, Jon Ross (Definitely Gary) on drums and Brian Lemert with guitars and trumpet. These “hired hands” gelled so completely that their rock solid foundation sounds as if they have been playing together for years.”

Mike Conley- You Were Right



(From the Whatzup review)

“Self-described as “more bare bones” than 1998′s Lux in Tenebris Lucet, this reviewer is hard-pressed to find any bare spots. While there are a few moments of simple acoustic guitar and voice, most of the tracks are flush with the sound of a full band comprised of not only the best of Fort Wayne, but also a few Nashville session musicians, including bassist Chris Donohue and a favorite of this reviewer, Phil Madeira, whose accordion and authentic Hammond B3 organ permeates the fabric of each song. Such heavyweights, however, are easily matched by our own Tim Bushong, who also recorded and produced the album in addition to playing guitars and bass … or Mike Deppisch or Brian Pruitt or any other the other many players who gave their best to make Lock the Door and Leave a solid album.”

Sunny Taylor- This Time

Stop, Rock & Roll


(From the Whatzup review)

“Recorded at T-Bush Recording in Kosciusko County by former “Channelsurfer” Tim Bushong, Stop, Rock & Roll is straight-ahead, guitar-driven rock n’ roll with a big, but not overproduced sound. It’s an album that, unlike Neato, couldn’t be improved by a few additions and subtractions and lots of studio gimmicks. It’s also an album that ought to have the people at Republic/Universal kicking themselves, if and when they hear it.”

Jettingham- Stop, Rock and Roll


Blues Music Review: Ken Tucker - Juke Joint Serenade


Ken Tucker- Let It Slide


Consumed By Fury
Consumed By Fury

(From “Whatzup”):

The well defined, spot-on production only adds to the directness and in-your-face feel present throughout this disc. The closing ”Hollow Man” has it all: fretboard dexterity, intense vocals, pneumatic drums that never let up and an overall sonic impression of an unscalable steel wall adorned with spikes.”

Consumed By Fury- Resurrection


Rite of Refusal

Reviewed by Marc Lungley

Review published in Cross Rhythms Magazine Issue 75

“’Rite Of Refusal’, the long awaited album from Birmingham nu-metal/hardcore crew Gen, hit my desk a few days ago and I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I did know that it would be good. Having been recorded and mixed in America by Tim Bushong, this album has lived up to all what has been said about it if not more. In fact on listening to “Exile”, the first track on the album, I thought that Dave Williams (Meltdown’s managing director) was trying to “pull me chain” and had found some unreleased P.O.D. track I had not heard before.”

Gen- Bell Jar

Think Less, Feel More

Like the best aggro-metal, Slagg’s musical elements combine to form a single, massive battering ram to the eardrum (well, two battering rams … for those who can still hear out of both ears). This album was born to be cranked up, tuned to perfection by producer Tim Bushong.”

Slagg- Scapegoat

Simon Peter Band- Two Thousand Eleven EP The EP was recorded and mastered by Tim Bushong at T. Bush Recording Studios in Fort Wayne, and the finished product is fantastic. The recording has an almost raw live feel and is one of the best mixes I’ve ever heard from a local studio.”

All in all, this is one of the most well-produced releases I’ve ever heard as a local product. The musicianship, songwriting, production…”

Simon Peter- Hooks

The Fall and Rise of Rock & Roll- Un-Finished Business

The Rise and Fall of Rock & Roll is pristinely produced, and it’s evident that the band cut no corners in their effort…”

UFB- Darkness Over My Head

Hannah Bushong

Sleigh Bells in the Air

“As you might expect with anything coming out of TBush Recording, the production is crisp and complete, with nothing to detract from the songs themselves.”











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