Studio equipment basics:

  • Spirit Digital 328 Console
  • Yamaha NS-10′s
  • Reaper – main DAW
  • Logic – secondary DAW
  • Sound Forge/CD Architect
  • UAD/Voxengo Plug-Ins
  • Assorted Mic Preamps
  • Full Range of Microphones
  • Outboard Compressors
  • Tons of Guitars (see below)
  • Classic Amps and Pedals (also see below)
  • 5-Piece Premier Drum Kit
  • Hammond Organ

And now- some gear for the guitarists. I hardly ever sold or otherwise got rid of anything since I started playing (summer of 1972), and I’ll usually be dedicated to whatever good-sounding guitars and amps I already own (as I am cheap), so here’s some guitars and amps that come as part of the studio as well:

My old 1978 Marshall 2150 100-watt combo. It really doesn’t sound all that great—unless you turn up the master volume past 6 and play through the 4×12 cab—then it’s the tone of the gods. Total classic barky, Foghat/Bad Company sound. Better stand back…

1981 Marshall JCM800 50-watt combo (4104 model)

This is my go-to, do almost anything amp. It’ll twang a Tele, or swallow you whole with an overdrive pedal. And let’s just say we’ve been through a lot together.

This is a mid-70′s Traynor Bass Master, modeled very much on the Fender Bassman. It’s a throaty and smooth 50-watt tube head that I’ve been around since ’76, and it belonged to the first bass player I was ever in a real band with!

Oh yeah—the venerable 5150. Sure, it’s a bit of a one-trick pony, but what a cool trick! Gobs of fat tube gain for days. The entire Soak Your Brain record (Lovewar) was recorded with my Charvel through one of these.

Here are some pedals to mold your tone…

Trio of 70's AC-powered MXR pedals

Pair of 70's Electro-Harmonix Phasers (set on stun??)

Assorted pedals- including my fav, the DOD Overdrive (and guess which wah is from the 60′s…)



L-R: 1960 Gibson Melody Maker, 2007 Gibson Les Paul Studio, mid-80′s Yamaha FG-340

The Melody Maker is probably the best-known guitar in my collection- known to all my friends from high school and through the early “Rox Sedan” days. The Les Paul is new for me, and the Yamaha was a Christmas present from my then-employer, Shorty Hochtetler.

L-R: BC Rich Gunslinger, Fernandes Strat, Fernandes Tele

Both Fernandes guitars used to belong to Shawn Browning (Grave Robber, The Migraines), and the BC Rich was the main guitar used on all the “Channelsurfers” stuff- immortalized in the following parody song from Where I Wanna BeMetal Mania.


L-R: 1988 Charvel 5a, Dean Bass, Ibanez RG-something-or-other

The Charvel I won in a “Hot Licks” competition back in 1989. It was also the main “Lovewar” axe.

The Dean ends up on just about everything that I record by myself (custom tracks, my own stuff) and the Ibanez is mostly used for slide work, as its action is fairly high.

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