You’ve found the TBush Archives! It’s like going up in the attic and finding stuff you haven’t seen for years, only instead of old clothes and junk, these are some bands that I have recorded over the past 15 or so years. You’ll find a short sample of each band’s music right above the CD cover. This isn’t everyone- just the ones for whom I have CD’s. If you’ve recorded at TBush and you don’t see your project listed, please email me- I’m sure I have your music around here somewhere… just try and send me a jpg of your project and I’ll add it to the rest.

This husband-wife duo recorded in the summer of 2003- nice folks, serving a Church in Goshen, and still at it!

40 Miles- Overjoyed

Four guys from upper Michigan- straddled between pop and punk and emo. From March of 2005. 88 MPH.

88 MPH- What Is This?


Abe Hepler- Broken OpenAbe Hepler, now a pastor in Warsaw, recording this in early 2000, on the DA-88′s and the DAT machine.

Abe Hepler- Dance


Anah Aevia- Realize You're DeadThe mighty Anah Aevia- on the Selah label, good ol’ Michigan hardcore! This was their 2nd CD, released in 2002.Anah Aviah- Pop

Anah Aevia's 1st EP, entitled "Statistical and Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders". "Nuff said!


This is the 2003 Anathallo EP, A Holiday at the Sea

Anathallo- A Holiday at the Sea

Anathallo‘s 1st CD, “Luminous Luminescence in the Atlas Position”

Anathallo- Luminescence

Anathallo- great guys, very creative, and recorded three projects here.


2002′s Anathallo release, Sparrows

Anathallo- To Gary and Marcus- The Sovereignty of God Is Omnipresent

Ah yes- At Peace While Burning- great band name, and my first experience recording actual hardcore screaming! Give ‘em a Shure 58, a little amp distortion, and you’re off and running! APWB- Shadows

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  1. Calvin S. Roach 24 October 2015 at 2:46 pm #


    I wanted to send 3 digipix I recently took in K’Zoo, MI of the old Gibson guitar factory (225 Parsons St.), later used for a few years (circa ’84-’88???) by former Gibson craftsmen who eschewed the move to Nashville and wanted to continue making custom guitars as Heritage Guitars. Thought you might like the history/nostalgia plus I have an update on my sweet Momma! Can you send an e-mail address to do so? God bless!

  2. Jerry Stahl 28 August 2017 at 9:04 pm #

    Where to start…I’m just 6 weeks shy of 65 and not plugged into the music community (I live in Elkhart.) In October of 2013 I did a (bucket list) songwriter camp at Sweetwater where we got to record one original song in their studio with 4 in-house musicians. That got me back into writing, and almost 4 years later I have songs that I’d kill to just get demo quality for me personally. Your description above sounds like you might be able to help me overcome my un-plug-ged-ness, along with many other shortcomings musically and technologically. (I can actually write.) I’d be interested in some idea of what you might charge, and how I could maximize the cost. Say for instance, would it cost less to record 3 or four songs at the same time than to record 3 or four songs one at a time? I’d also be interested (for a fee) in getting hands-on instruction on how to use this nifty little Tascam 4 track recorder that is currently keeping a side table from floating away. Thanks, Jerry Stahl 574-370-2499 cell

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